Choices include:

Google Docs
Wikispaces or Google Sites or Weebly
Twitter with hashtage
Screen Cast (JIng or other software)
How to create a screen cast with Jing:

To learn how to embed a Jing video into a wiki or blog, click here.

Celeste Larson's toolkit for 3rd grade social studies and science topics

Some of you had difficulty with links within Glogster. The first video shows you how to make text interactive.

The next video shows you how to make graphics interactive.

glogster - social communication( Hi Karen. I could not add my powerpoint presentation to my Glog as the "free" version did not allow it. Also, could not get the URL's highlighted for easy access. Maybe you can help ? Could you email me at .Thanks! Using Glogster is great and I will use it with my students.) Please feel free to delete this message! Carol Schoen
Assistive Technology Glogster from Kristin Fay I also had trouble linking my URLs. For each section of my glogster (i.e. Written Language, Math, etc.) I could only link one website (it would circle the entire section), although I mentioned several in each section.

Diane Borgatti's Help for Teachers wiki Hi Karen, my wiki is still a work in progress, but I just got power back this afternoon and it still goes out intermittenly so I wanted to send you at least this. I had some difficulty with navigating the wiki when I added pages. I want the pages to follow a particular sequential order and can not edit the naviagation to accomplish that. After the home page, the second page should be "reading" and "assistive technology for reading" should be the third page. I want to finish this wiki for general ed teachers and then create a wiki for parents to help them support their children at home.

Linda Donovan's student assignment using a variety of assistive technology tools. This is a work in progress. I will assign each part of the project a step at a time. I also would like to add video on how to download audio/digital books promoting independence for my students, but I will need to work with the technology department in my school so the video is not blocked. And I will need adminisrative support for use of MP3 type devices in school.

Diana Hart's WikispaceI've added to my wikispace an accessibility factor by assigning images for each assignment into my wikispace. Although this is a work in progress as I add assignments throughout the year, the students will continue to see the same images to assist them in knowing how to save, get hints and tips, step by step directions etc.It used to be hard to find your space, follow directions and overall site layout. This allows students the access to know that a disk in the middle of the assignment means to save, and how to save. I'd like to add an audio component to the site...but I haven't had time yet. I may have a student assist me in reading the site once school begins.
Also, I added to my Wordle Lesson where the students now use photoshop or another editor to create their own wordles about summer.

Diane Cotter: I tried to link web sites into my glogster but was unable to copy and paste. I would like to use this glogster and present it to my special ed team to get us all on the same page about assistive technology. I would like us to start by using the same web sites so they become very familiar with the students. I sent the glogster/wiki space by e-mail then realized I was suppose to put it here.

Hi All,

Tech Can Connect Wiki

here's the wiki I put together to help my clients and collegues get an overview of assistive technology and how to go about setting it up. I'll be interested to see what people think! My contact info is in the wiki, so if you have thoughts or suggestions, please just let me know! Best, Mehrzad

Diane Piccioli's Learning Strategies website using google sites (encountered some difficulties). Had trouble adding my voice and sharing my calendar. Also couldn't figure how to delete some posts on the home page. It, too, is a work in progress. I think I need to make the font size larger. Actually, I wanted to include resources for teachers and some Assistive Technology websites to use later in the fall for a presentation within my department. I didn't organize the teacher resources page yet, just listed different links. Thanks for everything! Appreciate any comments. Diane Piccioli's website