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Course Syllabus - March 2012 - What Every Educator Needs to Know about Assistive Technology

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DESE Information

EdTech Locator-

The EdTech Locator for Technology Implementation and its related materials are designed to help you evaluate where you stand in the technology-integration continuum.

Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology

  • Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services (PDF)

  1. Consideration of AT Needs

  2. Assessment of AT Needs

  3. AT in the IEP

  4. AT Implementation

  5. Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT

  6. AT in Transition

  7. Administrative Support for AT

  8. AT Professional Development

SETT Framework

Developed by Joy Zabala - Student, Environment, Tasks and Tools + Trials and Training

Implementation Resources

AT Implementation Plan - (NATRI)

Be Careful What You Wish For: Five Reasons to be Concerned About the Assignment of Individual Paraprofessionals (PDF)

PBS.ORG - Simulation Activities